Axe Throwing Solutions Franchised by TimberJacks

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Axe Throwing Franchise Solutions

TimberJacks have been involved in the axe throwing scene since 2018. To date, we’ve established a chain of axe throwing venues and boast the largest mobile axe throwing business in the UK. It’s safe to say we know quite a bit about delivering the best axe throwing franchise.


Through natural progression, our drive and unrivalled experience has led us to develop a number of axe throwing franchise solutions. Catering for both indoor and outdoor delivery scenarios, our systems are designed with safety at the core, and a commitment to creating memorable play experiences.

2 Lane Indoor Axe Throwing Cage

Indoor Axe Throwing Cages

Our indoor axe throwing cages have been carefully planned to facilitate the practice of axe throwing in various types of properties. Crafted with safety as a top priority, our cages feature special designs that permit the creation of ‘floating’ lanes when walls cannot be used for target backing.


This unique feature enables us to provide a versatile solution for venues of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that you can make the most out of your space without sacrificing safety or functionality. With our innovative cages, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and create an optimal axe-throwing experience in any venue you choose.

2 Lane Outdoor Axe Throwing Hut

Outdoor Axe Throwing Cage Huts

If you are interested in generating revenue through an axe throwing franchise in an outdoor setting, this is the ideal franchise opportunity for you. With a strong emphasis on safety and a focus on creating an aesthetically pleasing axe throwing stage, your investment will be recouped swiftly.


The potential for entertainment is vast, offering a thrilling experience for participants. Furthermore, by incorporating additional axe throwing huts into your venue at key growth stages, you have the ability to further increase profits and grow with your captured audience.

2 Lane Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer

Mobile Axe Throwing Trailers

Hit the road and take your axe throwing franchise to the masses with a mobile axe throwing trailer. By opting to own and operate this revenue generating piece of equipment, you can explore endless opportunities for generating axe throwing income.


The concept of a mobile axe throwing trailer allows for flexibility in terms of location and target audience, catering to diverse communities and events. With its portability and adaptability, a mobile axe throwing trailer broadens the reach of this thrilling sport beyond traditional boundaries.