Our trailers boast a rather practical and functional setup, incorporating a two axe throwing lane platform to accommodate the indulgence of this particular activity. Additionally, they are equipped with a drop down target end that ensures safe transportation by preventing drag, and any unwanted shifting or damage during transit. To facilitate easy access, there is also a foldable step on the rear platform for convenient entry and exit. In terms of safety measures, an all-round steel cage has been incorporated to ensure the well-being of spectators at all times.


By opting for a branding partnership, you can access our lead generation services that generate a substantial number of potential customers across the United Kingdom. These leads encompass both private events and festivals, allowing businesses to expand their reach and establish connections with prospective clients.


In addition to your axe throwing trailer, you will need a supply of consumable items. These include pre-painted target boards, fixings, and of course your throwing axes – all of which we can supply ongoing if you choose.


There are elements of our axe throwing trailers that are sacrificial. In particular, the target backing timbers, target header, and footer boards. Any good handyman can tend to their replacements very easily. However, if you would prefer us to maintain all aspects of your axe throwing trailer including mechanicals, we can certainly devise a service plan to support you.