TimberJacks – The Best Axe Throwing Franchise in the UK

By Axe Throwing Solutions

By Axe Throwing Solutions

If you’re contemplating entering the realm of axe throwing franchise business operations, there is no need to search any further as TimberJacks Axe Throwing is a well-established brand that has successfully created a business model capable of offering axe throwing experiences in various settings. Whether you desire to establish an entirely new and dedicated axe throwing venue solely for this activity or integrate it seamlessly into your existing range of activities, or even opt for a completely mobile axe throwing operation, TimberJacks provides the necessary expertise and resources to make it happen.

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The first Timberjacks axe throwing venue was established in 2018 and expanded rapidly, acquiring three additional venues before the onset of Covid-19 in 2020. Despite facing significant challenges, including closures and a decline in business, TimberJacks managed to persevere with their four axe throwing sites and supporting factory, ensuring the retention of nearly 30 employees. Following the reopening phase, rebuilding their clientele from scratch proved to be an arduous task; however, they were fortunate to possess a comprehensive database comprising over 60,000 historic axe throwing clients. It is primarily due to this resource that TimberJacks swiftly regained its footing and witnessed a resurgence across all axe throwing venues once again.

In 2020, as part of their strategic plan, TimberJacks decided to expand their operations by venturing into the mobile axe throwing sector. They made significant investments in equipment and resources, allowing them to enter the bustling festival scene with a fleet of axe throwing trailers and static target stands. The decision to go mobile was seen as a logical step forward for TimberJacks, aligning with industry trends and catering to the ever-growing demand for convenient services. Today, after diligent efforts and substantial investment, TimberJacks proudly holds the distinction of having established themselves as the UK’s largest mobile operation.

Establishing an axe throwing Franchise has been a planned component for TimberJacks since its inception, although the initial years focused primarily on collecting information, refining processes, and establishing operational systems. Presently, TimberJacks Axe Throwing stands prepared to provide numerous opportunities for launching axe throwing franchises that cater to diverse budgets. Axe Throwing Solutions taps into the extensive knowledge and advancements acquired by TimberJacks over time, offering a glimpse into the potential outcomes attainable through a TimberJacks axe throwing collaboration.

Axe Throwing Solutions is dedicated to providing bespoke Axe Throwing installations and much more, with the expertise of TimberJacks behind us.